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Dynamic Map

Multiple venues? More bathrooms, information centers, and water stations than you can count? No problem. Make wayfinding easy with Google Maps overlayed with your festival information, connecting artist stages, vendors, and facilities with a location to help attendees find their way with a single tap.

Unlimited Real-Time Push Notifications

Say hello, send important updates, and promote events with unlimited push notifications before, during, and after your festival. Take a festival goer’s experience from good to wow by highlighting special opportunities and adding a personal touch.

Multiple Tracks, Filters and Categories

What folk bands are playing? When is the next behind the scenes tour? What’s happening next at this venue? We work with you to improve your festival experience by grouping events with tags and venues so that attendees can find exactly what they want.  

Personal Custom Schedules

Guests can plan their festival experience by building out their own schedule. Build excitement and grow attendance by putting your festival in guests’ hands as soon as possible. Make the fear of missing out work for you.


In-Depth Guides, Directories, and Conference Info

Take all those extras and put them somewhere useful. Provide general program information, guides, directories, sponsor listings, and more. Help guests find what they need by making your diverse information easily accessible and navigable.

Unlimited Social Accounts

Put your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence front and center so attendees can easily connect with you on their preferred platform. 

How it Works

Pre-Event Strategy

Our experts will meet with you to talk through features & functionality that meets your needs and get the best ROI for your organization.


From your data, we’ll build your custom app for you. You’ll have admin access to edit on the fly if you have the need as well.

Get Ready to Launch

Need help with launch ideas? We’ll provide tried and true, tactical tips and even customizable templates to make your event app a success.

During & Post Event

Rest assured that your dedicated support manager is within an hour’s reach during your event. After launch, get a full debrief including analytics and assessment for a full view of your progress.

Festival App Pricing

Get all of the features you need for your conference, trade show or meeting. One low price that’s 1/3 other companies’ apps.


Add an additional festival within the same year

+ $2,495

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Choose a date and time most convenient for you to get all of your questions answered and see a sample of the app made just for you.


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